Live Webcast: Making Kubernetes Production Ready

Thursday, August 24 at 10am PT | 1pm ET

What does it take to run 7500 containers supporting 300 micro-services, with concurrent CI and testing, on a Kubernetes cluster that can autoscale up to 30 minions on 240 CPU cores and 1TB memory?

In this technical webcast, Applatix developers Harry Zhang and Abhinav Das will share our war stories and lessons learned, including:

  • The pitfalls of using default values in Kubernetes
  • Undocumented performance and workload related knobs
  • Protecting masters and minions from resource exhaustion
  • Choreographing workloads for stability vs. efficiency 

We’ll also share how we tweaked Kubernetes configurations for running 24x7 in production.


Join us on Thursday, August 24th at 10am Pacific Time | 1pm Eastern Time





Harry Zhang is a Member of the Technical Staff at Applatix. He works with the platform team focusing on building containerized micro-services with Kubernetes and AWS.


Abhinav Das is a developer at Applatix focusing on all things Kubernetes and containers. Prior, he worked at Pure Storage, Intel and Sun Microsystems.